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Newport, RI Gift Guide 2018

by Newport Living Group

Want to give someone a great RI themed gift without it looking like it came from a souvenir shop? Check out our latest gift guide that highlight some of our favorite local themed gifts. These aren’t just for the winter holidays – they make great gifts all year long! Happy Shopping

  1. City Map 21oz Insulated Hydration Bottle– The Uncommon Green
  2. Limited Edition Newport Navy– Lemon and Line
  3. Lat & Lo™ Cuff Bracelet- Lat & Lo™
  4. Lat & Lo™ Bar Necklace- Lat & Lo™
  5. All Sail Envelope Clutch- Resails
  6. Sea Salt Soap – Pink Pineapple
  7. Newport RI cufflinks– Etsy
  8. Winter White Newport Budgies– Newport Style
  9. Living Newport Book– By Bettie Bearden Pardee
  10. Newport Sea Salt– Newport Sea Salt Co.

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